What’s New in the Garden  

One of my joys in our garden is growing our veggies from seed.  We get to choose what plants and specifically what varieties we want to grow.  Fortunately our garden has lots of space so we try a few new plants each year to see how they will do.  Sometimes we have a winner and sometimes not.
This year we tried three new varieties of tomato but don’t love any of them. They won’t get planted again.  Our favorites again this year are Carmelo, Ramapo, Fourth of July and Steak Sandwich.  They have proven to be winners and each will be planted again next year.
We are having good luck with the bush green beans too.  We usually grow pole beans but the bush beans don’t take as much room and they fit into the space we had available.  Another winner!  So far they are more tender, stringless and are producing well.
The purple hull peas are a first year surprise.  I loved eating these peas growing up in Arkansas and was reminded of them when I visited my aunt and uncle in Nashville.  I saw them in the shell when Aunt Shirley got them at a road side stand.  I decided to give them a try. I had to order the seeds since none of the local or chain stores carry them here in Albuquerque.  I’m so glad that I did.  They got off to a slow start but when it got hot they took off.  It is such a surprise to see how they grow too.  There are only about three pods ready but I can hardly wait to cook the first “mess.”
Another love of my childhood is okra.  I’ve grown all different kinds over the years.  This year I’m growing Arkansas okra.  That’s not the variety but the home of these seeds.  My friend Kay, who lives in Arkansas, saved me some seeds from the okra I admired in her garden.  Okra loves the heat and is doing great.  The first okra will be picked this week.
Ok, kids.  Eat your veggies.  They are DELICIOUS!
Happy Gardening,

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