Sleeping Well

Everyone knows that part of taking good care of yourself is getting enough sleep.  I sometimes battle with my kids about this (especially the older ones) but it is really very important!! Without proper rest your body gets worn down and is more susceptible to illness and crankiness!! Most of the people I talk to about this struggle with getting to sleep or staying asleep even when they have the best of intentions.  We have developed a few tricks that we use at the Murphy house to help us when it comes to sleeping.

A Rollerball!!

We have tried both the pre-made Young Living rollerballs and I have made my own at home.  Both options have been successfull for us, it really is a matter of preference.  The pre-made rollerballs are really nice, the consistancy is perfect and the oil is powerful!!! I also like the DIY version because we can tweak it for us.  My personal favorite recipe is 15 drops lavender, 15 drops cedarwood and 2-3 drops of vetiver topped off with grapeseed oil.  The empty rollerballs can be found easily on Amazon, my only recommendation is that you find one with a metal rollerball attachment.

The Diffuser!!

One of my favorite things that happens at our house has to do with our bedtime diffuser routine.  Frankie, my 8 year old, LOVES the diffuser at night.  If I ever forget to fill it up, he comes down to let me know that it is out of water and I need to get upstairs STAT!! I love that he gets so much comfort from the oils!  For the kids I usually diffuse lavender and cedarwood and we switch up the third oil depending on the circumstances.  If there is a crud going around school we go for a preemptive strike and add thieves.  Otherwise, I may add vetiver, one of the many eucalyptus options or peace & calming.   Josh and I stick with the lavender, cedarwood and vetiver combo or go with peace & calming.  Diffusing really helps with great sleep, not only do the oils work with your body to support sleep but the sound of the diffuser is theraputic as well.

Shutting your Brain Off!!

This may come off as preachy, but I really believe this wholeheartedly.  You have to give your brain a chance to slow down before you ask it to go to sleep.  The biggest part of this has been putting my cell phone down and turning off the television a little while before I go to bed.  It’s nice to just have a few minutes to completely unwind at the end of the day.  Sometimes it is as simple as just sitting quietly for a few minutes and other times I will pick up a book I’ve already read and just check out a bit.  Whatever it is,  getting away from screentime is a great way to signal to your body that the day is coming to a close.

Hope these tips can help support better sleep for you and your loved ones!!


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