Ripe Tomatoes

Gardening is work. It needs daily attention which means watering in New Mexico. Sometimes the pests and disease are taking their share.  Weeds are a constant fight in an organic garden.  When I was watering this morning I found a huge hornworm on a pepper plant and two ripe tomatoes that the bugs had eaten. I had to just put them in the compost. Ugh!
Sometimes I wonder why we do all this – 20+ raised beds is a serious commitment. But then I pick a few perfectly ripe tomatoes.  I know they have been grown in good, rich soil with no pesticides or herbicides and good organic fertilizers. I know what I’m eating because I grew it- from a seed. Have you eaten a freshly picked tomato while you are standing in the garden with the juice dripping down your chin?  I hope so!!  Nothing to me says perfection like a ripe tomato with just a touch of salt. Sliced tomatoes from the garden will be eaten every day for weeks. THAT’S WHY I DO IT!!!
If you don’t have a garden of your own, I would encourage you to find a friend with a few extra tomatoes or at least try a farmer’s market.  Think about how you can grow a  tomato next year.  All you need is a spot of ground that gets 6 or more hours of sun or a good sized pot.  Plant, water and be patient. You will be rewarded.
Happy Eating,

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  1. When can I get some of those mouth watering tomatoes. You don’t even need to deliver. Great article.

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