Overdue Convention Recap

Hello!  I’ve taken a little while getting to you because we’ve been engaged in what my favorite part of the Young Living convention was, Relationships!!!

It goes without saying that relationships are important in a network marketing company, but the entire Young Living company culture is so heavily seated in strong relationships and building relationships and I love that!!!  Since we’ve gotten back we’ve had company and gone on a much needed trip with some great friends of ours, both opportunities to grow our friendships.  Several speakers at convention spoke about reaching out to people and listening to them.  Making yourself available and really looking outside of your own circle to help others, not just with oils but with life.  I generally don’t have the tendancy to just call someone out of the blue, but it’s a goal of mine to get better at connecting with people.

One other thing that I absolutely loved was the Mona, Utah farm we visited.  It is amazing there!!!  As far as the eye can see is nature; mountains, a lake, and 250,000 acres of farm land!! We had the opportunity to help plant lavender, walk through the farm to see lots of varieties of plants, go through the distillery, etc.  They also served us a healthy and delicious lunch!!  We asked a lot of questions about the processes they use and everything is completely organic.  They use no bug spray or fertilizers.  Everything is planted on virgin soil so we know it is clean.  It is all harvested at the peak time and tested for quality multiple times throughout the process.  Young Living takes the “Seed to Seal” process very seriously and it shows at the farm!!

Lastly, they announced a LOT of new products.  There is a new Seedlings line of baby care products.  I ordered the baby wipes as an alternative to chemical laden face wipes, they smell so so good!!  They now have toxin free sunscreen, insect repellant, and an after sun spray that is a sprayable lotion.  They have a few new supplements, one of which might be my favorite new product, Aminowise.  It is “a synergistic complex of amino acids and antioxidants that helps with fatigue and enhances muscle recovery during and after exercise”  and I’ve been using it at taekwondo ever since we got back and it’s GREAT!!! They also have a whole new line of make up called Savvy Minerals!! I ordered several of the items and they are a great quality and price point!!! Lastly, there is a new diffuser called the Desert Mist which is beautiful.  It has a lot of different lighting settings and can go for TEN hours!! We love it!

Hope all is well with you!! XOXO,


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