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One  of the reasons I like gardening is because I know what I am eating.  It’s real food with no pesticides grown in good soil with natural fertilizers.  Over the last few years or so I have been moving toward a more natural life.  Essential oils are a big part of the natural life but I’ve wondered , ” What else can I do?”  I decided  to try to be more natural in the kitchen.

Petrochemicals are everywhere and I don’t think we can escape them completely but I’ve taken a few little steps to reduce them.  Here are four ways I’ve reduced plastic and toxins in my kitchen:

Wooden cutting boards 

These are better for your knives and eliminate plastic.  You aren’t adding micro particles of plastic to your food.

Glass bowls for leftovers  

The leftovers can go right into the microwave when I remove the lid.  They have plastic lids but I NEVER put plastic  in the microwave or dishwasher. NEVER!!!

No nonstick pans

I’ve read a lot about the teflon coating on cookware.  I just decided to give it a try.  I put my nonstick skillet and pans away for a month.  It took a little bit of practice but by using heart healthy oils, I don’t need nonstick.  Does it add calories? Yes, but I think the elimination of a possible toxic material is worth it.

Natural dish soap

I’m now using natural dish soap.  I was slow to convert because it doesn’t create as many suds.  When I decided to give it a try, I bought one that said natural, all plant based.  I didnt read the label until I got home (I had left my reading glasses at home).  It had SLS, a toxic chemical I don’t want.  So be careful.  If you search, you can find truly natural soap.  Thieves dish soap is one you can trust.

None of these cost much money.  I’m not saying I never use plastic but I have been successful in reducing the amount it is in my kitchen. I hope this gives you a simple way to be a little more natural.

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