Move That Body

How do you exercise?  Do you have something that is the norm for you? Is it something that is fun or is it drudgery?  My regular exercise is taekwondo, I do it several times a week, every week.  I love it, and it doesn’t usually feel like exercise but rather like fun.  I have met some amazing people there and it has become a really happy place for me!  I also regularly do yoga at home.  I think that yoga is a great supplement to taekwondo (and probably most sports) as it builds strength as well as flexibility and is not difficult to do anywhere.  For a long time that has been the entirety of my exercise regimen.


This summer I have been challenged to try some new things.  I think it is important to challenge your body to do something it isn’t used to.  I had the opportunity to attend a few classes at Cyclebar at the urging of my daughters.  Indoor cycling is very different than taekwondo in that you are literally stuck to the bicycle (the shoes you wear lock to the peddles) and you use the same muscles for an entire hour without ceasing.  There is also a very different dynamic, with music blaring and the lights are dimmed so you can’t really see around the room, it’s just you and the bike.  I don’t know that it will become a regular thing for me but I definitely enjoyed trying something different and can see the appeal it has to people.  I think my favorite part of the whole experience was something one of the instructors said “Be happy that you have the ability to come in here and sweat, there are many people who would love to use their body in this way and aren’t able to” It really is great to celebrate what your body can do.

On that note, my second chance to challenge myself was at a middle school summer camp this year.  One of the activities that the kids do is climb a 35 foot rock wall so they can take a zip line down through the trees.  It is really beautiful and for some it was a massive challenge!!! When all of the kids were done the adults had a chance to try it.  Obviously I was first in line!  I haven’t tried to climb a rock wall in at least 10 years and even then I can’t remember being all that gung ho about it.  This time I was excited to see if I would be able to climb the wall.  It was also a very different way to use my body but I was up and over that wall with relative ease.  This was so awesome because it was the result of the exercise I have done over the last several years.  It was like a reward and a challenge all in one to have a tangible way to see that my body is strong.

It doesn’t matter how you do it, get out there and move your body.  Challenge yourself and see what you can do.  Even if it looks like going to the park with your kids to run around or taking the dog for a walk, get up and move your muscles!  If you are a seasoned exerciser, I challenge you to break the mold you are used to and try something out of your comfort zone.  If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you!  Hope you are all well!!

XOXO -Amber

Go to the Gym? Why?

Lots of people love going to the gym.  I’m not one of them.  My husband started going to the gym for the first time this summer.  A few weeks ago a friend asked him why.  He had a simple answer- he wants to improve his golf game. Now that his gym buddy has left for school, he wants me to go.  I’m not too thrilled but Amber reminded me that it would help with taekwondo.  I’ll do all kinds of stuff to be better at taekwondo, even go to the gym.

This made me wonder why other people go to the gym, so I asked.   Lots of people want to lose weight, get slimmer and have more energy.  Other replies included: I have nothing better to do, get a nice body for a trip, to stay fit and to feel healthier. One lady told me it was included in her insurance so she decided to try it.

I loved the reply from Eddie, a retired policeman.  He had been a runner years ago but was trying to get back in shape after knee replacement surgery.  He told me his wife was his encourager. When I talked to her she gave him the credit for getting her running in the beginning. Going to the gym together works for them. I liked that several people gave credit to someone else for spurring them on.

So….. do you go to the gym or is there some other activity you enjoy? Sometimes they just go together.


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