Kids and Oils

I think it is clear that the subject of this post is FAR TOO SIMPLE.  There could be hundreds of posts on how to use oils with children.  This is simply a starting point for what I have had great success with so far.


This was the first oil I introduced to my kids for its immune boosting properties.  I started with simply rubbing it on their feet before bedtime and before school to help ward of the crud.  Since then I have also used it in their diffuser at bedtime as well as daytime if there is something going around.  It has been unbelievable at keeping my kids going during seasons of illness at school!! This was my “AHA” oil that made me a true believer because when I looked back over time my kids hadn’t missed any school and I was getting texts from their doctor saying “We miss you”.  Hate to say it doc, but the feeling is not mutual!

Inner Child

I am going to say this is a favorite of mine to use with my children but in all honesty it is a favorite to use on myself as well!! Inner Child smells incredible!! I wear it almost every day just as my perfume.  It is amazing with the kids though.  Whenever we start having a bit of a meltdown for whatever reason I use this on them.  I just rub it on their wrists and the back of their neck and rub their back for a few minutes and voila, our mood has been lifted.  I have had so much success with this that I am planning on making a rollerball with it to keep in my purse for when we are out of the house and start feeling out of sorts!!


This oil has a really interesting smell.  I wasn’t a huge fan of it at first but it has completely grown on me! We use this mostly in the afternoon at homework time.  I made a rollerball with it and labelled it “Focus” which is very fitting because it really does help them to chill out with the distractions and just get going on their homework.  We’ve had so much success that sometimes they ask for it themselves just to get going in the right direction!!  I also like to diffuse this in my office when I have a lot of work to get done!

These are just the tip of the iceberg but they are a good place to get started! With summer right around the corner we will have some DIY recipes coming to help with your kids and yourself in the summer elements.

Hope all is well!!


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