Hot Oil Surprise

Recently, Paul and I went to see our son and his wife in Texas.
I know that Ryan and Jess have some basic oils so  I just packed the supplements we use and roller balls for  cold sores (that I get often) and  sleepy time.  I put everything in a pouch so I could get to them easily.  About half way there I realized I had LEFT EVERYTHING AT HOME!!  Almost immediately a little core sore popped up  probably because of the stress.  We arrived without any other incident. (Did I say I forgot my pouch and was stressed out?) After visiting a bit, I asked to use some oregano because of the anti-virus properties.  I tried putting some on my lip with my finger but that didn’t go well. It was just too hot.  After a nice evening, I put on some of their  Stress Away and went to bed.
The next morning I tried again but this time I put a Q-tip on the opening of the  oregano and turned the bottle over quickly.  I touched the Q-tip to the bump on my lip.  I knew the oil was there because I could smell it but there was no sting or discomfort at all.  I reapplied every few hours. The best part is that the oregano and Q-tip worked great.  The cold sore didn’t get bigger and dried up almost  immediately. I don’t know if I invented this method or just discovered it out of necessity but I will use this Q-tip method again.
You know the old saying,” When life gives you lemons, make lemonade,” but in this case use oregano and a Q-tip.

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