Fun Blends


Happy April to you!! This post is the result of a happy accident/surprise.  I picked up these glass spray bottles a while back with the intention of making linen sprays, bug spray, etc… I hadn’t yet made them because life can be a little hectic sometimes but this week I had a real reason.  My littlest munchkin wasn’t feeling well and got sick on my bed 🙁  After stripping the bed and getting the sheets in the wash I was trying to think of the best way to proceed without introducing any moisture to my mattress.  I decided to try Thieves in one of the spray bottles because obviously it would help with any actual germs, and I added lavender because it’s a bed I guess (not really sure what compelled that move).  What a happy accident!! They work great together, and not only did it solve my mattress problem but my whole bedroom smelled amazing for HOURS!! I added 10 drops of each oil and topped it with tap water.  I gave the mattress a good spritzing but I didn’t go crazy because I didn’t want it to actually get wet.  That is something I would do again for more than just linen spray! I’ve never really been big on room spray or anything like that but I think these make a great one 🙂

This is completely unrelated but these two oils, rosemary and tangerine, are like heaven in the diffuser.  I read somewhere years ago that if you want your house to smell like a Williams Sonoma to boil rosemary and lemon peels in water.  I’ve tried that and it’s okay but this is much better, simpler too!!  Honestly, the rosemary goes great with all of the citruses that I’ve tried.

Hope all is well!!!


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