Do you have a Ninja?


Amber and I talked about what a day in the life of an oily family looks like.  I admit I was surprised when I started really thinking about it. THERE’S A LOT!  Today you will get how Paul and I use supplements, oils and products for home and beauty.


We start the day off with our Ningxia Red.  Paul calls it his ninja.  I was going to correct his pronunciation but then I realized that he’s right. It’s a ninja!!  Ningixa Red, multigreens and Omegagize help with sustaining our energy levels and overall health. At night we take Essentialzymes-4 and Life 9 to support a healthy gut.  Two supplements that I take are for middle aged athletes, Sulfurzyme and Agilease, give me the support this older body needs for taekwondo. 


Diffusing oils is a regular part of our life.  My favorite for everyday is Orange and Rosemary.  At night I like Cedarwood and Lavender but we change it up regularly.  I also like to wear oils.  Joy is my favorite for everyday. I wear peppermint to taekwondo. I recently got Jasmine oil.  Oh my gosh, it is amazing. The oil I wear daily depends on what is going on that day.

Home and beauty products

I have purged our home of toxic cleaners and only use Thieves cleaner.  I have three different strengths for all levels of cleaning. We also use Thieves toothpaste and body soap.  I keep Thieves hand cleaner in my purse.  I NEVER use hand sanitizer.  Sandalwood moisturizer and Genesis lotion go on my face and skin.  One last thing, Lavaderm after sun spray is great for helping soothe the itch of mosquito bites.

Well, here it is.  I use lots but my day is a bit different than anyone else.  That’s one of the things I learned this year.  Essential Oils are so flexible they can support whatever your needs might be.

Happy Oiling,


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