Citrus Oils

We are rapidly approaching the end of the school year here and things are a wee bit chaotic. I actually secretly love this time of the year because the kids are soo excited for summer break and even though our schedule gets a bit crazy with art shows, awards ceremonies and graduation events, all of those things are the culmination of their hard work and it is fun to celebrate!!

Like any busy time in life, it is easy to get bogged down and not be able to eat as well as we’d like, or drink as much water as we know we should.  There are a lot of things that kind of fall by the wayside but that is okay, I think it is super important to give yourself grace and take care of yourself in the ways that you can.  I just bought a new stainless steel water bottle so that I can up the amount of citrus water that I am drinking.  In my mind this makes up for all of the take-out Mexican food I’ve been eating, it really is super tasty though!! I’ve had lemon water, orange water and most recently bergamot water which was new.  All of those oils (and any citrus oil) are really good at breaking down petrochemicals and detoxing our body, but they happen to also be really tasty!!  You can also add citrus oil to your teas or juices.  I sometimes make a mocktail with Ningxia, grapefruit oil and La Croix or Perrier which is delish!!!  I would encourage you to incorporate citrus into your lifestyle, there is a reason so many articles and professionals suggest drinking lemon water everyday, it’s a great detoxer, just imagine the power of the concentrated form you get in the oil!!!

I can’t write a post without including a second suggestion, diffusing citrus oils.  Orange and tangerine oils are some of my absolute favorite to diffuse!!! They are PERFECT for the start of summer because they smell so bright and I think they are really powerful in the diffuser and help to elevate your mood.  In the month of May with the purchase of a premium starter kit you receive a FREE bonus 15 mL of tangerine!!! If you haven’t ordered your kit yet, this is a great time to do it 🙂

Hope all is well! XOXO  ~Amber

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