Change is Sometimes Easy

As I sit here this morning casually drinking my coffee looking at Facebook, I see lots of back-to school pictures.  This is the third school year that has started without me in a classroom.  Anyone who knows me knows I loved teaching.  Today I love everything about retirement and have no desire to return to teaching. That doesn’t mean I don’t think about school and the current climate of education.  I get to have discussions with friends still in the classroom. I’m even planning on helping in my nephew’s class if the teacher is responsive. (Retired teachers are not always welcome in the classroom since they come with their own ideas of what to do. I hope I’m not one of those!)
Another change in my life is my church.  I attended a large mega church on Sunday with my son and his wife.  The worship was great and the message was moving and thought provoking. I loved it, but it’s not the place for me at this time in my life.  I love my smallish church and the people that I know there.  I love the community and fellowship.  It’s wonderful to have someone tell me they’ve missed me if I have been out of town.  And of course I love being in the handbell choir.
Being retired doesn’t mean I ignore what’s going on around me, it’s being content with knowing I’m  in the right place at this season of my life.

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