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One  of the reasons I like gardening is because I know what I am eating.  It’s real food with no pesticides grown in good soil with natural fertilizers.  Over the last few years or so I have been moving toward a more natural life.  Essential oils are a big part of the natural life but I’ve wondered , ” What else can I do?”  I decided  to try to be more natural in the kitchen.

Petrochemicals are everywhere and I don’t think we can escape them completely but I’ve taken a few little steps to reduce them.  Here are four ways I’ve reduced plastic and toxins in my kitchen:

Wooden cutting boards 

These are better for your knives and eliminate plastic.  You aren’t adding micro particles of plastic to your food.

Glass bowls for leftovers  

The leftovers can go right into the microwave when I remove the lid.  They have plastic lids but I NEVER put plastic  in the microwave or dishwasher. NEVER!!!

No nonstick pans

I’ve read a lot about the teflon coating on cookware.  I just decided to give it a try.  I put my nonstick skillet and pans away for a month.  It took a little bit of practice but by using heart healthy oils, I don’t need nonstick.  Does it add calories? Yes, but I think the elimination of a possible toxic material is worth it.

Natural dish soap

I’m now using natural dish soap.  I was slow to convert because it doesn’t create as many suds.  When I decided to give it a try, I bought one that said natural, all plant based.  I didnt read the label until I got home (I had left my reading glasses at home).  It had SLS, a toxic chemical I don’t want.  So be careful.  If you search, you can find truly natural soap.  Thieves dish soap is one you can trust.

None of these cost much money.  I’m not saying I never use plastic but I have been successful in reducing the amount it is in my kitchen. I hope this gives you a simple way to be a little more natural.

Be well,


A Day in the Life – Amber

Hello!  We are starting a new series called A Day in the Life.  We are going to be talking about what we use and how we use oils and supplements each day.  Everyone has their own routine when it comes to how they use oils and we all have different needs. I will kick it off for us this week with my routine around here.

To kick-start the day I use a lot of toxin-free products to get ready for the day.  I LOVE the orange blossom face wash like no other face wash I have ever used!! If I could only recommend one skin care product it would be that one!!! I also use the ART intensive moisturizer which I add one or two drops of manuka oil to.  Not every day but about every third day I use the mint facial scrub to smooth my skin out.  The Young Living deodorant is really nice!  It is important to not use antiperspirants with aluminum because they have been linked to dementia and Alzheimer’s.  I love the hand and body lotions and usually use the Genesis scent.  I also like the Thieves mouthwash and toothpaste.  Lastly, I use Progessence Plus on my ankles morning and night to help balance my female hormones and frankincense on all of my scars.

Before I send my kids off to a germ filled school I use an immunity blend rollerball on both of the younger ones to help ward off the crud.  The immunity blend has frankincense, oregano, Thieves, lemon, and tea tree oil with fractionated coconut oil as the carrier oil.

Just about all day every day we run the diffusers in the house.  Frank looks like he’s going to cry but really he’s focused on discerning the blend!!  If you want some diffuser blend recommendations check out our previous post: Why You Should Toss Your Candles…

We have ditched and switched the toxic laundry soaps and especially the super toxic fabric softener!! We LOVE the Thieves detergent,  it’s amazing how powerful just one Tablespoon is on tough kid stains!! We also use wool balls instead of fabric softener.  I was able to get the wool balls for not very much $ on Amazon.  I keep them in this canister with all of my empty oil bottles to infuse them with oily goodness.

At bedtime we faithfully use our diffusers.  Josh and I usually diffuse Peace and Calming but when we run out of that we diffuse a blend of lavender, cedarwood and vetiver.  In the kids room I diffuse equal parts lavender and Thieves and I use a sleepytime rollerball (lavender, cedarwood, vetiver) on their necks as well.


There are some supplements that are indispensable for me!! Every single day with no exception I take Life 9 and Essentialzyme-4 before bed! We also take Ningxia Red and Omegagize daily.  I love the Aminowise to help with muscle recovery after a workout.  I also really like Super C when I hear anyone mention the crud as well as Super B for increased energy!

I also like to use oils instead of perfume.  Some of my favorites are Joy,  Inner Child, and Jasmine.  There are tons of different oils that would work as perfume, even Stress Away!!

These are the things that I use consistently.  There are a lot of other oils that I like to use, especially in the diffuser!! The more time you spend in an oily lifestyle the more comfortable you get trying new things and creating healthy habits!!

Hope all is well!!


Why you should toss your candles and what to use in their stead

You may not think that you need an alternative to candles and air fresheners but that is not the case.  The truth is that candles and air fresheners are creating an unbelievable amount of indoor air pollution and most people don’t even realize it!! I am not going to get too deep into this but a quick google search will have you throwing all of your scented candles and air wicks directly in the garbage.  One study I read showed that being in the same room as a burning candle for one hour was the equivalent to smoking a cigarette!!  That is just the tip of the iceberg and I for one am not interested in being in that kind of environment and I certainly won’t have my children exposed to it.

There are of course some amazing alternatives, my favorite being a diffuser.  We now have in our home probably six diffusers of various styles all of which are used frequently.  We love to have a nice smelling environment so why not!  Not only do diffused oils smell amazing they also lift your mood and increase the amount of oxygen your body is able to absorb.  Today I have some of our favorite blends that we use, some of them for a specific purpose and some just because they smell amazing!! Enjoy!

Chest and Seasonal Discomforts

Mood Lifters

Chill Out

Hope all is well!!

XOXO -Amber