Bee Happy


Amber, Gelsey and I have returned from the Young Living Convention with  pages of notes about all the goodness that Young Living has to offer.  We learned TONS!!!!
The first thing to talk about is our favorite part.  My favorite part was the keynote speaker on Friday night, Shawn Achor.  He talked about happiness.  Really, who doesn’t want to be happy and find ways to be happier.  I know I’m an optimist and have a generally happy attitude but he showed us ways to be happier.
1.  Find specific things in your life to be grateful for everyday.
      I think this sounds simple but finding something new everyday isn’t always easy.
2.  Be specific about why you are grateful.
      You need to be more aware of why you are grateful for a friend or family member.
3. Exercise at least 15 minutes a day.
     I work out at taekwondo but this reminds me to do a little something every day.
4. Meditation- just sit still, be quiet and calm for 2 minutes
     Are you kidding?? I’m supposed to be still and quiet???  😜
5. Spend 2 minutes a day consciously doing something kind- a note or text is all it takes.
      It’s the conscious part of kindness that matters here.  I know that the  idea of writing a text or note to someone is not an area of strength for me but I’m going to give it a try.
When I was still teaching, I would sign student’s yearbooks with-
” Bee Happy.”  🐝🐝🐝.
I hope you will JOIN ME and take a few minutes each day to work on your happiness.

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