A Day in the Life of Erin McCracken

Hi! My name is Erin McCracken. I am a wife, mother, friend, teacher, fitness fanatic, and Jesus lover. Like all women in my season of life, I have a full life that I joyfully struggle to manage and maximize. In the past four years, I have also become a passionate advocate for natural wellness and I love to help myself, my family and everyone else around me understand what they are bringing into their homes, putting on their (and that of their families) skin, and breathing in while in their homes. There are a multitude of toxins out there in all of the products we buy and use every day and, I believe, with a little bit of education, we can make better choices about what we buy and, in turn, uphold a much higher level of overall health and wellness.

Many people ask me about Young Living Essential Oils….how I learned about them, how I started teaching others about them, do they really work, how I use them, where do they come from, does one oil differ from another, etc. The simplest way to answer all of these questions is this…..I needed and wanted to have options other than pharmaceuticals to support myself and my family when the realities of a busy life happen. Young Living was my only logical choice because they are the ONLY company that owns its own farms worldwide and can absolutely guarantee purity in ALL products. That matters to me and I quickly realized that it matters to other families too. So, here I am, sharing how I personally use ONLY Young Living Essential Oils and Essential Oil-infused supplements every day, nearly all day, to provide that support.

In the morning, I wake up at 4:40AM and I immediately wash my face and brush my teeth. I love Young Living’s Orange Blossom Face Wash for cleansing! In a former post, Gelsey Murphy mentioned that “a little goes a LONG way” and she so right! It only takes a tiny, less-than-pea-size drop of cleanser to lather up your whole face and remove dirt and makeup. LOVE it! Then, I exfoliate with a mix of organic fractionated coconut oil, sugar, Frankincense EO, Tea Tree EO, Copaiba EO, and Lavender EO. I have tried so many “products” for exfoliation and I haven’t had a ton of luck with them (my skin is VERY sensitive) so I decided to try my own DIY version and I works like a charm. Easy, cheap, and effective!

After preparing my face, I apply Young Living’s Savvy Makeup Line. I use Warm 2 for foundation and I Believe You’re Blushing blush and four different shades of eyeshadow. I also bought myself the Young Living Savvy Minerals Brush set and, wow, they are heavenly soft and beautiful.

I then apply Young Living Meadow Mist deodorant, Joy Essential Oil blend for perfume and mood. I get dressed and head out to the kitchen to start my day.

At breakfast, I take a shot of Ningxia Red, Young Living’s antioxidant, overall wellness supplement, which totally supports mental clarity, energy, and overall physical comfort. During seasonal challenges, I also take a capsule of Lavender EO, Peppermint EO, and Lemon EO to help me keep the beautiful eye makeup I just applied on my face by avoiding watery eyes!

After breakfast and coffee, I wake up my two daughters and start them getting ready for school. It’s quite the process because, like all kiddos, they are TIRED at 6:00am, y’all! I use Young Living’s shower gel base with Stress Away EO Blend to make them shower gel and then, after their shower, I rub them down with fractionated coconut oils, Thieves EO and Frankincense EO to boost their immunity before they go to school. They love to lie on the floor and get the spa treatment from Mommy..lol!

My husband takes Essentialzymes 4 (a powerful enzyme formula designed to help digest macro nutrients both in the stomach and gut), Life 9 (probiotic) and applies Harmony EO Blend to his chest and neck to support his mood, energy, and immunity throughout the day and we all go our separate ways. Whew! That’s just our morning routine!

(Here is a picture of all of our supplements)

Since I am a teacher, I am in a classroom all day. In high school, my students rotate in and out of my classroom 6 times and, therefore, I see around 150 teenagers every day. They all are struggling right now, specifically, with seasonal junk, cold and flu, and exhaustion. I diffuse Stress Away EO Blend or Thieves EO Blend all day to support a healthy atmosphere in my classroom and they all LOVE it! I DAILY have colleagues and students ask me for oils to support things like head discomfort, monthly abdominal discomfort, seasonal sniffles, exhaustion and stress. I guess I’ve sort of become the campus “health support expert”!

The after-school hours are chaotic in my house as my daughters are school-age and practice taekwondo daily. We TRY to get our homework done before we go to TKD but #THESTRUGGLEISREAL! My daughter Alexa is, what I affectionately call, a tornado after school. She has a TOUGH time settling down to do homework so my oils are my main line of support. We mainly use Frankincense EO on her forehead and in the diffuser to help ground my sweet tornado and help her actually see what’s on her paper…lol…seriously…I’m not exaggerating! Then, she gets a shot of Ningxia Red for focus and energy for TKD practice and off she goes!

I practice Taekwondo and teach Zumba and I love to apply peppermint to the back of my neck and on my forehead before exercise for added energy!

The end of the day brings me to my supplement routine. On an empty stomach, I take Essentialzymes 4 (same as my husband), Life 9, Omegagize (the most amazing Omega 3 supplement), and a shot of Ningxia Red for digestive support while I sleep. As of late, I also take Inner Defense (a natural immunity booster). Both of my girls take MightyVites, Young Living’s completely dye-free, food-based multivitamin formula for children. My daughter Alexa takes Immupro, a sleep support supplement which contains a small dose of melatonin as well as several other food-based, natural immunity boosting ingredients. It’s done wonders for her in helping her “shut the day off” and fall asleep peacefully. Keira, my other daughter, enjoys Rutavala roll-on on her spine, neck, and forehead.

Right before lights out, we all get diffusers in our rooms with Lavender, Cedarwood, and Orange EO. Let’s just say that combo is THE SLEEP BOMB…BOOM!

Obviously, this is my LIFESTYLE, it’s not just products that I buy and keep on the shelf. I can’t imagine it any other way and I’m so thankful to Young Living for always upholding its commitment to the highest purity and authenticity so I can feel comfortable using these products with my family! We are a blessed, “oil-infused” family!

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